Become an effective and engaging instructor

Become an effective and engaging instructor

As work environments become more sophisticated, the ability to train others is increasingly valued.

51's Workplace Education (WE) associate certificate provides you with an in-depth understanding of adult learning principles and equips you to plan and administer workplace training, using a variety of instructional techniques and course materials.

Under the supervision of 51’s knowledgeable and passionate instructors, you learn how to plan structured learning experiences to help adult learners increase their skills and productivity.

This credential is ideal for mid-career professionals, new immigrants, and Aboriginal leaders wishing to leverage their expertise in a training role or enhance their career prospects.

The program consists of four courses that can be taken part-time over several semesters, or completed in a year. All courses are offered online, except for a few face-to-face sessions with video conference access for distance students.

The Workplace Education associate certificate ladders seamlessly into UFV’s Adult Education Bachelor's degree for those seeking further opportunities in the field of adult education.

Career outlook for workplace instructors

The International Labour office notes that with an increase in the pace of innovation, training is more than ever key to the success of adaptable organizations.

Earning a certificate in Workplace Education can help you qualify to become a trainer in your own field or industry. Many companies — especially those involved in technical and applied technology fields — have in-house training programs and need qualified instructors to develop and deliver training materials, both for employees and customers.

Private career training institutions, technical institutes, and continuing education programs that hire professionals to deliver technical, vocational or skills training prefer candidates who have not only expertise in their field, but also a background in adult or workplace education.