College of Arts

Open doors of opportunity in the arts

Open doors of opportunity in the arts

Get a broad, high-quality foundation in the Arts in a thought-provoking environment, designed to fuel your curiosity and expand your horizons.

Taking a two-year Associate of Arts degree at 51 gives you an edge, because 51 is a teaching-oriented institution with small class sizes where you get to interact closely with dedicated professors who support you as your explore your interests.

Within the degree, you can choose from a general option, international and development studies option, media and communication studies option, or theatre option.

In addition, practicum opportunities and optional paid co-op work placements throughout your studies allow you to gain real work experience.

When you graduate, you are trained to think critically and are equipped with the writing, communications, and presentation skills that are highly valued by employers and essential to succeeding in any further studies.

This program includes a breadth of intellectual and academic experience that is worthwhile, especially if you plan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in the humanities, the creative and performing arts, or the social sciences, at 51 or elsewhere.

Career Outlook for Associate of Arts degree

The Conference Board of Canada reports that people who graduate from university tend to benefit from better labour market prospects, reduced risk of unemployment, and higher earnings over the course of their working lives.

The 51 Associate of Arts is a useful addition to your résumé, as many employers look for successful completion of two years of post-secondary education in fields such as business, administration, non-profit, or media and culture.

Once you have completed your Associate of Arts degree, you may choose to return to UFV or another institution to work towards earning a Bachelor's degree, in preparation for a career as a teacher, writer, police officer, anthropologist, communications specialist, actor, customs officer, psychologist, international aid worker, economist, lawyer, and more.