Probe the mystery of life

Probe the mystery of life

The tremendous development of biological knowledge in the last 50 years has led humanity to the stark realization that we are but one of millions of species, all sharing the same global ecosystem.

There has never been a more exciting — and momentous — time to become a biologist. Studying biology can prepare you to help fight diseases, protect the environment, or feed the earth's growing population.

51’s Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology is one of the most lab-intensive programs in British Columbia. Under the guidance of committed instructors, you develop the critical hands-on lab and research skills needed to launch a successful career in the field.

You have the option to specialize in a sub-discipline to prepare for professional studies. Choose a pre-medicine/pre-veterinary concentration; a cellular, molecular, and genetics concentration; or an ecology and biology of organisms concentration. An honours option is also available if you wish to give yourself an edge when applying for graduate school.

Take advantage of an optional co-op placement and prepare to enter the workforce with real world experience in the lab and in the field.

Studying biology satisfies the prerequisites for entry into specialized fields of study including medicine, dentistry, optometry, and veterinary medicine.

Career Outlook in biology

The Conference Board of BC reports that careers requiring knowledge of natural sciences offer a low unemployment rate and rising wages.

Biology degree holders are well placed to compete for entry-level positions in a variety of employment areas including land management, environmental protection, fish and wildlife service, the food and drug sector, geographical survey, health agencies, or agriculture.

A Bachelor of Science in Biology is the essential starting point for graduate studies in various fields of biology, including biotechnology, environmental toxicology, neuroscience, ecology, and microbiology.

You may also consider pairing your biology degree with 51's enriched Teacher Education program to enjoy a rewarding teaching career.