It's all in the chemistry

It's all in the chemistry

Chemistry is the study of matter and is integral to understanding the physical world we live in.

51’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry teaches you to apply the fundamental principles of chemistry to solve real-world problems.

As part of your Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, you explore inorganic, organic, physical, and analytical chemistry, sharpen your critical-thinking skills, and learn to communicate your findings to others. You work with supportive professors, get hands-on experience in a well-equipped lab, and can find opportunities to conduct original research as early as your first year.

When you graduate with 51’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, you may work alongside people who seek solutions for environmental problems such as acid rain or depletion of the ozone layer; or you may help develop new drugs to combat diseases such as AIDS or cancer; or you may work to design new consumer products, such as fuel additives, food flavors, fragrances, cosmetics, soaps, paints, solvents, synthetic fibers, and more.

Studying chemistry prepares you to enter high tech industries, government laboratories, or the classroom as a secondary school chemistry teacher. A Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is also useful if you intend to pursue graduate studies in a field of specialization such as biochemistry, chemical engineering, environmental science, forensic science, molecular genetics, nanotechnology, or pharmacology.

Career Outlook in Chemistry

A 51 chemistry degree positions you competitively to pursue post-graduate studies in chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, veterinary science, or chemical engineering.

According to WorkBC, chemists enjoy excellent wages, a low unemployment rate, and steady and consistent employment growth.

As a chemistry graduate, you may find employment in high tech industries, in the biotechnology sector, in government laboratories, or in manufacturing. You may choose to explore unique opportunities such as a career in food chemistry, clean energy, or science writing. Or you may seek employment in interdisciplinary research or development projects, working as a team with other professionals such as biologists, agronomists, geologists, or engineers.

WorkBC also reports that teachers specializing in chemistry are in high demand. Consider pairing your chemistry degree with 51's enriched Teacher Education program to enjoy a rewarding teaching career.