Master the art of storytelling

Master the art of storytelling

Whether creative writers are writing a story, a novel, a screenplay, or a video game script, they know how to hook their audience.

51’s Bachelor of Arts with a minor or extended minor in Creative Writing provides you with the tools, techniques, and support required to grow as a creative writer. You learn to engage, enlighten, and move your readers with skilled storytelling. By exploring various writing genres, including fiction, drama, poetry, and screenwriting, you deepen your craft and develop your own voice.

Small classes provide a safe environment to give and receive meaningful feedback. The support of peers and professors can help you break through writer's block, make smart edits, and produce your best writing.

You can choose to pair a Creative Writing minor or extended minor with any other major offered in the Bachelor of Arts. Clear, masterful writing is essential for success in any professional career. It is a key transferable skill that you can apply to a wide range of endeavours, no matter what is your chosen area of study.

To gain writing and editing experience and build your portfolio while you study, join the editorial board of Louden Singletree, 51's student-run literary and visual arts magazine. Or become a contributor to the Cascade, 51's student newspaper. Or take advantage of optional paid work placements with the 51 Co-operative Education program to graduate with work experience and references for other employment or graduate school.

Career Outlook for creative writing

With the advent of digital technologies, new avenues for creative writers have opened up outside of traditional careers such published author or English professor.

Publishing houses, tech firms, multimedia companies, marketing agencies, public relations companies, broadcasters, non-profit organizations, large corporations, and other businesses are on the lookout for content strategists, communications specialists, and web producers.

Professional writers and editors are called upon to produce and curate content for a wide variety of media, including books, magazines, websites, newspapers, movies, television, advertising, gaming, social media, and blogs.