English Language Studies

Improve your English

Improve your English

If you need to upgrade your English for school or employment, the 51 English Language Studies program can help you achieve your goals.

51 offers three program options: English Language Studies, Academic Bridge, and the University Foundation certificate.

In the English Language Studies (ELS) program, you get to improve basic reading, writing, and speaking skills at the intermediate and advanced levels. This is a great option for landed immigrants who want to improve their English to open new career opportunities.

The ELS Academic Bridge program is ideal if you are ready for advanced-level English courses and plan to enroll in university-level academic courses.

Or you may sign up  for the University Foundation certificate. This intensive program is designed to help you make the transition from ELS to full-time university-level programs. In this program, you can take both ELS and university-level courses at the same time.

All ELS courses for domestic students are tuition-free. Ancillary fees still apply. Grants are available if you qualify.

Career Outlook for English Language Studies

Based on the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada (LSIC), The Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative reports that immigrants who are fluent in English or French do earn more than those who are not. Over time, immigrants with better language skills participate more in the labour force. Their rates of unemployment and average length of joblessness decrease. After four years in Canada, immigrants with poor language skills face unemployment rates that are double of those who are fluent.

Similarly, being fluent in the language of instruction and meeting English proficiency requirements ensure that 51 students who start university studies are prepared to succeed academically. While other factors may influence learning outcomes, fluency remains key to academic success.