Grow and harvest vegetables for profit

Grow and harvest vegetables for profit

The Fraser Valley's moderate climate, high quality soils, and accessible water supply make it an excellent location to grow vegetable crops.

51's 18-credit Field Vegetable Production Essentials certificate provides you with a thorough introduction to field crop production, including the biology and physiology of vegetable crops, site selection, field preparation, variety selection, pest management, and cultivation practices.

This program is ideal if you wish to enter the field vegetable industry and want to gain both the knowledge and certification necessary to advance your career on the farm. It is also a great option if you are already involved with vegetable production and are looking for a professional development opportunity to enhance your knowledge.

Learn from dedicated faculty who are closely connected to the agricultural community and passionate about locally grown and produced food.

The Field Vegetable Production Essentials certificate can easily ladder into a Horticulture Crop Production and Protection certificate, an Agriculture Technology diploma, or a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at 51, if you wish to grow your expertise and career opportunities in the horticulture industry.

Career outlook for Field Vegetable Production Essentials

Field vegetable production is a dynamic and diverse industry. A wide selection of field vegetables are grown in British Columbia, with most of the production occurring in the Fraser Valley.

In fact, vegetables make up 8% of Abbotsford’s main field crop types across all cultivated lands. There are a variety of vegetable crops grown in the Abbotsford area, with the most common being potatoes, mixed vegetables, and sweet corn. Vegetables are also the predominant crop found in local greenhouses.

Consequently, opportunities exist for graduates of the program to apply their skills in local vegetable farms and greenhouses focusing on vegetable production.