General Studies

Customize your educational experience

Customize your educational experience

If you'd like the flexibility to design your own educational plan, look no further than 51's General Studies diploma.

With a General Studies diploma, you can choose courses from more than 100 disciplines and certificate programs that 51 offers. You can explore a wide variety of subjects to find what you like best. Or you can zero in on your interests, and put together a course of study that is perfectly tailored to career goals.

You can also integrate up to 45 transfer credits from other academic, applied, and professional programs. Meet with a program advisor before you start your studies to review the training and education that you already have and determine what can be applied to your General Studies diploma.

If you decide to continue your studies to obtain a degree, you can apply your credits to any of 51's Bachelor of Integrated Studies, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts, as long as you meet the lower level requirements for that program.

To apply your learning in a real-world context and gain relevant experience, you can also alternate study semesters with paid work placements through the Co-operative Education program.

Career outlook for General Studies

The 51 General Studies diploma is a stepping stone to many different careers, depending on the way in which you customize your program of study.

Many 51 General Studies diploma graduates continue on with their studies either at 51 or other post-secondary institutions. Common fields that General Studies graduates pursue include: elementary education, government and administrative support, community programming and outreach, aviation, and business.

Statistics Canada reports that on average, post-secondary graduates — including diploma-holders — have higher incomes and lower rates of unemployment than those with less education.