Graphic Design

Become a visual influencer

Become a visual influencer

Graphic and digital designers get to work in collaborative, creative environments to bring ideas to life. They create value for business, shed light on social issues, and make the complex clear.

51's two-year diploma in Graphic and Digital Design helps you develop a solid foundation in communication design, brand identity, interactive design, and dynamic media to enable you to become a skilled graphic designer, visual communicator, and creative strategist.

To provide you with valuable experience and ensure you develop a strong portfolio for employment, course work emphasizes real-world projects, contexts, and issues. You get to design visual communications solutions by applying design thinking processes using industry-standard digital tools in 51's networked studios and labs.

In addition, you get to engage with the design industry through special events, guest lectures, field trips, study tours, design conferences, workshops, practica, and mentorship opportunities.

You are also involved with events hosted by the department, such as the annual portfolio show, exhibitions, student fundraisers, open houses, and industry nights. These events provide more touch points to network with industry players and the local creative community.

When you graduate from the Graphic and Digital Design diploma, you are ready to enter the workforce, freelance, or continue your studies at 51 to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor or extended minor in Graphic and Digital Design.

Career Outlook in graphic and digital design

With the emergence of digital and social media platforms, the need for skilled visual strategists is higher than ever. Every brand needs a designer to enhance the visual impact of its  communications in order to engage, motivate, inform and inspire action.

With the decline of print, the demand for designed experiences that span all media is increasing. More and more businesses and organizations are hiring designers for in-house positions to manage their brands. Exponential growth in the digital media sector is creating openings for web designers, user experience or user interface designers, and other visual influencers.

Mastering skills such as photography, motion graphics, interactive design, marketing, copywriting, and public speaking can open additional job prospects. With experience and more education, designers may progress to leadership positions such as senior designer, art director, or creative director.