Graphic Design

Develop your visual savvy

Develop your visual savvy

With the rise of web, mobile, and social platforms, the need to develop visual savvy is now higher than ever in any career or profession.

Become an effective visual communicator by adding a Graphic Design minor to your 51 degree.

51’s Graphic Design minor provides you with a solid foundation in communication design and interactive design. Lower level courses ground you in core graphic design principles, and prepare you for upper level electives that you can select according to your interest or career goals.

When you graduate, you have the skills you need to land an entry-level position in the creative industry. Alternatively, you may pursue a career in your main area of study and add graphic design to the roster of skills you provide your employer.

No matter the path you decide to follow, you can leverage your graphic design training to enhance career success by boosting the visual impact of your communications.

To ensure you can complete a Graphic Design minor within your degree path while also earning pre-requisites for upper-level classes, visit your program advisor to develop a program plan.

Career outlook for Graphic Design minor

The United Nations reports that the creative economy is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors for income generation, job creation, and export earnings.

More than 80,000 British Columbians are employed in the creative sector and the BC Budget 2019 plans on investing $15 million in making BC a leader in the arts. In fact, B.C.'s interactive and digital media sector is one of the fastest growing industries in B.C. at a rate of 11% per year, opening a variety of employment opportunities for visual influencers such as UX, web, and graphic designers.

But visual communicators are not only needed in creative occupations: graduates with graphic design training can harness the power of visual data in virtually any field, including technology, business, arts, and science.