Win the war on pests

Win the war on pests

In the battle against insects, weeds and diseases, a good pest scout can make all the difference.

The earlier a pest problem is detected the quicker integrated pest management (IPM) efforts can be deployed to prevent economic loss.

51's 15-credit Integrated Pest Management Essentials certificate equips you to detect different categories of pests, including arthropods, invasive plants and diseases. You will learn how to reduce pest damage and minimize pesticide inputs through a combination of techniques, such as biological control, habitat modification, or use of resistant varieties. Emphasis is on evidence-based practices in agricultural pest management.

Get hands-on training in the 51 greenhouses, barn, and surrounding fields. Learn from expert faculty how to monitor pests and improve agricultural production. Find out how to select and use organic or conventional pesticides effectively, while minimizing costs, reducing the risks of pesticide resistance and protecting workers.

The Integrated Pest Management Essentials certificate could lead to further studies in Agriculture at 51 to earn a Horticulture Crop Production and Protection certificate, an Agriculture Technology diploma, or a Bachelor of Agricultural Science.

Career outlook for Integrated Pest Management Essentials

The popularity of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is growing in step with the awareness that chemical pesticides have harmful side-effects.

In fact, the Ministry of Environment has recently amended the Integrated Pest Management Regulation under the Integrated Pest Management Act. As a result, knowledge of Integrated Pest Management practices is becoming essential for all crop producers and agri-service personnel.

The demand for the expertise provided by Integrated Pest Management professionals and pest scouts has never been higher. Completing an Integrated Pest Management Essentials certificate can lead to work opportunities in nurseries, greenhouses, farms, landscaping companies, and government agencies.