Modern Languages

One language is never enough

One language is never enough

Learn a new language to enrich your life, communicate across cultures, and gain an edge in today's global marketplace.

51's Modern Language Institute offers Intermediate Proficiency associate certificates in French, German, Halq'méylem, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish; and Advanced Proficiency certificates in French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

You earn an Intermediate Proficiency associate certificate when you complete 12 credits in a single language and an Advanced Proficiency certificate when you complete 20 credits.

Small class sizes allow you to interact with instructors and seminar assistants who are native speakers, to improve pronunciation, enhance comprehension, and speed up language acquisition. Because the goal of the language program at 51 is to help you develop communication skills, every instructor places a strong emphasis on conversation.

If you have previous language abilities, and can demonstrate sufficient proficiency, you may receive advanced credit and placement.

On a personal level, studying another language can deepen your enjoyment of travel, literature, and culture. In addition, studies have shown that learning a language can boost your analytic skills, improve your memory, and offset the effects of aging on your brain.

Career Outlook for Modern Languages

The ability to communicate in another language can provide professionals with a competitive edge in the marketplace: as the pace of globalization accelerates, multi-national corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations value employees that are familiar with the language and culture of the countries where they operate.

Mastering another language can also lead to an exciting career as a language teacher, translator, government worker, tour consultant, international aid worker, or journalist.