Creative Arts

Launch a creative career in digital and interactive media

Launch a creative career in digital and interactive media

Unleash your creativity, technological savvy, and imagination and become a fully fledged content creator in the flourishing creative economy.

51's Bachelor of Media Arts prepares you for creative production in digital and interactive media, one of the fastest growing industries in B.C. today.

The Bachelor of Media Arts draws on a wide range of disciplines, including art history, communications, computing science, English, film studies, graphic design, media arts, theatre, and visual arts. Within the degree, you have the flexibility to focus on your personal interests and career goals by selecting from five concentrations, in applied interactive media, digital art, interactive media leadership, media and performance, and screen studies.

To equip you to adapt to the demands of this ever-evolving field, you hone your ability to master new software and technologies independently. You learn essential technical skills, both in digital media and traditional artistic practice. You also get to develop strong communications, project management, financial planning, business, and marketing skills.

As you would in a working environment typical of the digital industry, you have the opportunity to work in teams to heighten creativity, facilitate collaboration, and enhance performance.

Career outlook for media arts

According to Creative BC, British Columbia is home to one of the world’s largest and most advanced interactive and digital entertainment cluster. It is also becoming known in Canada as a hub for virtual reality content creation. In fact, the interactive and digital media sector is one of the fastest growing industries in B.C. at a rate of 11% per year. The industry features average salaries of $84K and $2.3 billion in sales.

The main challenge of the industry is to attract and retain skilled talent. As a result, many opportunities exists for young content creators and creative entrepreneurs, either working as freelancers, or for a company or clients.

Employment opportunities exist for programmers, UX, web, and graphic designers, illustrators, writers, multimedia and special effects artists, project and production managers, video producers, performers, marketers, and animation and video game designers.