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Support newcomers to Canada

Support newcomers to Canada

With Canada's rising immigration rates, settlement professionals trained to support newcomers are in high demand.

Whether you are an employed professional wanting to grow your skills or a recent graduate eager to enter this area of practice, 51’s Migration and Citizenship graduate certificate can equip you with the expertise required to make an impact in this rapidly growing field.

The Migration and Citizenship program uses real case studies to investigate human movement, resettlement, and belonging, both globally and locally. You examine how trends, policies, and programs affect human mobility; develop deeper insights into migrant experiences and communities; and explore the factors that shape the meaning of homeland and citizenship.

The program’s multi-disciplinary approach ensures you are well-rounded by incorporating knowledge from relevant areas, including geography, political science, sociology, diaspora studies, and criminology. Throughout your studies, you collaborate with other student professionals, faculty, and community mentors, all with a passion for working with migrant populations. In addition, a practical skills seminar featuring practicing professionals allows you to gain insights from the field.

The program is scheduled to accommodate both working and full-time students, with classes offered in evening and weekend time slots. Graduates who wish to pursue their studies can ladder into the 51 Migration and Citizenship graduate diploma or transfer into related master’s programs.

Career Outlook for Migration and Citizenship

There is steady demand for settlement professionals to assist new immigrants with advocacy, language acquisition, vocational counselling, translation, legal assistance, and health services, among other social needs.

Jobs in migration and citizenship exist in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community services, local settlement agencies, immigration consultancies, humanitarian relief organizations, government bodies, and intergovernmental organizations.

Professionals in the field have titles such as settlement practitioner, project officer – multiculturalism, immigration consultant, refugee settlement program coordinator, immigration program coordinator, social policy researcher, development project officer, or social service planner.