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Plumbers are unsung heroes

Plumbers are unsung heroes

Our society depends on plumbers to install and repair the systems, fixtures, and appliances that keep our water and waste disposal networks running.

But plumbers and pipe fitters do much more than just fix toilets and dishwashers: they can also build and repair sprinkler systems, natural gas lines, irrigation systems, solar energy systems, waste water treatment systems, well pump installations, or any other system that carries liquids, steam, chemicals or fuel. 

In 25 weeks, the 51’s Plumbing and Piping program help you develop the intermediate and specialized skills required  to enter the industry and prepare you to become an apprentice in plumbing, gasfitting, sprinkler fitting or steam/pipefitting. 

51’s plumbing instructors provide one-on-one coaching in small classroom and lab settings. You get hand-ons practice in our well-fitted shop and work on simulations that prepare you to handle real-job situations with ease. 

When you graduate from 51 as a plumbing and piping technician, you may work in residential, commercial and industrial buildings to install and repair  plumbing systems or seek a position in other piping-related fields. You are fully prepared to enter an apprenticeship and pursue Red Seal certification.

Career outlook

Plumbers and fitters are among the highest earners in trade occupations. In fact, according to the Labour Force Survey, the median hourly wage for plumbers is higher than the median hourly wage for all occupations.

In the near future, residential, commercial, institutional and industrial construction activity will continue to be an important source of employment for plumbers in B.C. Many new workers will be needed to replace the wave of plumbers and fitters expected to retire in the coming decade. 

Aside from the construction sector, opportunities will also arise in other fields such a green energy, oil and gas, irrigation, water treatment, and mining. In light of new technological advances, plumbers and fitters able to calibrate and operate computer-controlled equipment will be in high demand.