Become a people expert

Become a people expert

Understanding how people think and act puts you at an advantage both in work and in life.

Psychologists search for the keys that unlock the secrets of the human mind and behaviour. This knowledge is valuable in many careers: it can help you address mental health issues; improve interaction between team members; hire better candidates for an organization; or craft effective advertising campaigns.

Get the special power that comes from understanding people — and yourself — at a deeper level: earn a 51 Bachelor of Arts with a major, minor, or honours in Psychology.

In your lower level courses, you learn the fundamentals of psychology and social research. You explore the theories of classical psychologists – such as Freud, Pavlov, Maslow and Kinsey. You may find yourself observing people’s behaviour more sharply and gaining new insight into human relationships.

In your upper level courses, you have the option to delve into a variety of advanced topics in psychology, such as mental disorders, addiction, or child development. If you have a particular interest in a subject, further reading or research is possible with a directed studies course, working under the guidance of a faculty member.

Add even more value to your degree by taking a semester to study abroad in one of more than 45 destinations around the world. Or combine your studies with valuable work experience through a paid co-operative education placement in your area of interest.

Career outlook for Psychology

The career of psychologist has been identified by WorkBC as a top opportunity profession, with favourable job prospects from now to 2028. To become a counsellor and practice as a registered psychologist in B.C., psychology undergrads need to complete graduate studies. A Bachelor of Arts with a Psychology major is a good foundation for further studies in psychology or counselling, or for other professional programs such as law, medicine, social work, and education.

You may also immediately apply your understanding of human behaviour, clear thinking, and communications skills to a career in the areas of human resources, labour relations, marketing, management, corrections, research, or social services.