Develop poise and presence

Develop poise and presence

The ability to communicate a clear and inspirational message to move an audience is an invaluable asset in any work context — both inside and outside the arts.

51's Theatre diploma can help you grow in resourcefulness, and confidence, while also learning invaluable performance and technical theatre skills.

You learn the ropes from experienced professionals who can guide you through the intricacies of acting, stagecraft, and performance history. There is no better training ground than the theatre to discover how to face an audience, work as a team, perform under pressure, improvise, and solve problems on the fly.

Right from your first year, you participate in professional 51 theatre productions to gain practical experience both on stage and behind the scenes. You get to take on roles such as actor, assistant stage manager, set crew, running crew, dresser, lighting operator, sound operator, or projections operator.

When you graduate from the 51 Theatre diploma program, you understand the fundamentals of theatre as an art and as a business. You are ready to pursue your studies to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts at 51 or at another institution or to apply to a professional theatre training school.

Career Outlook for theatre

Because most jobs in the performing arts are short-term assignments, most actors, directors, and producers are self-employed. Hiring a reputable agent to represent you can increase the odds of career success.

Mastering special skills such as dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, acrobatics, juggling, horse back riding, sword fighting, archery, martial art, or stunt work can open additional employment opportunities.

Jobs also exist in related areas such as stage management, set or costume design, event promotion, lighting or sound management, scriptwriting, stunt coordination, fundraising, commercial video production, and more.

Many theatre grads also use the communication, teamwork, and management skills they have acquired to excel in other fields such as business, public relations, advertising, hospitality, arts administration, or education.