Visual Arts

Colour outside the lines

Colour outside the lines

Tap into your inner artist with a Visual Arts diploma at 51.

Personalize your studies by choosing studio courses from six disciplines: introductory studio, new media, painting and drawing, photography, print media, and sculpture and extended media.

The hands-on curriculum and ample studio time helps you build up your core artistic skills. The Visual Arts diploma also integrates art history and critical theory to inform your studio practice and put your art in perspective within contemporary culture.

51’s small class sizes and well-designed studios enhance your learning experience, providing regular engagement with supportive faculty and fellow students. Gallery and studio tours, exhibition and performance opportunities, and lectures from visiting artists further enhance your education.

When you graduate, you have the industry-related knowledge necessary to succeed in a variety of sectors including art and culture, business, entertainment, and tourism. You may also choose to continue your studies to earn a 51’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Career Outlook

Global spending on entertainment and media expected to rise to $2.1 trillion by 2020. In fact, the United Nations reports that the creative economy is one of the world's fastest growing sectors for income generation, job creation, and export earnings.

According to British Columbia 2025 Labour Market Outlook, the motion picture and video industries lead employment growth in southwestern British Columbia. Annual revenues for film, TV, and digital media combined add up to $3 billion. Consequently, opportunities abound for artists in occupations that support digital media, motion pictures, broadcasting, photography, and the performing arts.

Other opportunities exist to pursue a career in the field of commercial art and work for design agencies, marketing agencies, photography studios, and publishers. Or you may opt to be self-employed as a professional artist in your discipline of choice. Alternatively, you may go on to pursue further education, or seek employment in other related industries such as business, tourism, entertainment, broadcasting, and more.