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Varied work opportunities exist for trained welders

Varied work opportunities exist for trained welders

Welding is a coveted skill that can be put to use in many fields: from shipyards to mills, bridges to pipelines, auto shops to airports, welders are at work, using their expertise to cut, braze, solder and weld metals.

Experienced welders can skillfully calibrate and operate a variety of tools, from torches to computer-controlled welding machines, such as robots and lasers.

They have manual dexterity, a great sense of design, and pride of workmanship. Highly skilled welders with specialties such as custom fabrication or advanced precision welding are sought-after and can earn six-figure salaries.

51’s Welding program is your launching point into this rewarding career. In 34 weeks, you master all the foundational techniques needed to build or repair metal structures and products. You get hands-on experience with a wide variety of equipment used in welding and steel fabrication.

Program delivery is modular and includes extended one-on-one coaching from qualified instructors and opportunity to practice with top-of-the-line welding gear. The program is suited both to beginning and experienced welders, and offers opportunities to upgrade your skills if you are already employed.

Upon completion of the 51 Welding program, you are fully prepared to enter an apprenticeship and pursue Red Seal certification.

Career outlook

Welders are strategic to the growth of BC’s economy.

In fact, the Skilled Trades BC reports that over 1700 new welders need to be trained by 2020 to support the construction and operation of proposed liquefied natural gas projects. Demand for workers will also grow in oil and gas, mining, forestry, manufacturing, and construction, for both architectural and structural fabrication.

Because basic welding skills are the same across industries, welders have their choice of career, can easily shift from one industry to another, and enjoy long-term job security. With experience and additional training, skilled workers can move into senior roles, such as welding inspector, foreman or supervisor.