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How to register

Registration Step by Step

Follow the six steps below to sign up for courses.

If you were enrolled at 51 in the past but have been absent more than one year, or have missed one or more semesters in a program that requires continuous enrolment, you must apply for re-admission to a UFV program before you can register. 

Need further help? The Office of the Registrar has tutorial videos available.

To view your waitlist position: In the registration dashboard, select 'schedule details' there you will see an underlined course title. To the left of the course title click the little black arrow. After clicking the arrow it will display more information including your waitlist position.


Pay your deposit

Pay your $200 deposit* well in advance of your registration time each semester:

Adult Basic Education students do not need to pay the deposit.

  • Pay online through your bank, at least seventy-two hours prior to your registration date, as shown in . Use your student ID as the payee account number.
  • In-person at any campus
  • Learn more about how to pay your fees.

*International students - Full must be received, and posted to your 51 account, prior to course registration.


Find your registration time

to view your registration time in your Registration Dashboard under "Prepare for Registration."

Registration times are scheduled in late May for the Fall semester, in early November for the Winter semester, and in early March for the Summer semester. Registration times are scheduled on week days between 9 am and 3:45 pm only. No evening, weekend or statutory holidays have times assigned.

View a registration time video tutorial


Find out which courses you need to take

Confirm which program you've been admitted to. Then, review your program's guidelines on the  to make sure you know which courses you need to take.

If you are not sure which courses you need to take to meet your program's requirements, .

Note that any prerequisites for courses you wish to take must be met at the time of registration. If you do not meet the prerequisite(s) for a course, you may request permission from the instructor.


Build your schedule

Once registration times have been established and released you can build a registration 'plan.' You can use the timetables or to help build your 'plan.' Be sure to check for time conflicts and allow enough time to travel between campuses, if required. You should consider your other commitments (work, extra-curriculars) in your registration plan, so you do not overcommit yourself.

Lecture/lab courses - Remember that classes that have labs associated with them are like an additional class: each has their own time, location, and CRN. Don’t forget to add them to your plan, as both CRNs must be entered to register. Failure to enter the lab CRN will result in a "linked course required" error message.

Be sure you have met the prerequisites for all your courses. If you plan to seek instructor’s permission to waive prerequisites, do so before you register. Obtaining a waiver does not register you in a course.


Register for courses

Check your Account Summary in my51 to ensure your $200 registration deposit is showing on your account before you start to register. If you attempt to register before your deposit is processed, a hold will be placed on your account. When your deposit is processed and applied to your student account, the hold will be lifted and you will regain access to register.

  • Select ‘Registration dashboard’
  • Select ‘Register for classes’
  • Select the appropriate term
  • Enter CRN’s or if you have built a ‘plan’ select the appropriate plan
  • Select “Add to Summary’
  • Select ‘Submit.’ Immediately, you will see the classes in which you are registered      

If a section (class) is full, you can choose to waitlist from the drop down menu. Select 'Submit' again. Now you will be able to see where you are on the waitlist.

Check your my51 account daily. If you are waitlisted for a course and a seat is available to you, you will receive a notification to your student email. You should then register promptly. If you do not register by the deadline, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Please note: If you are offered a seat in a lecture, you will be required to register for a lab at the same time. Ensure there is space in a lab which fits your schedule.  

If you are still waitlisted when classes start, attend the first class or email the instructor to see if space is available. If you do not show up on the first day of class, or contact your instructor, you forfeit your seat.

See video about how to register, waitlist, or withdraw.

Repeating a course

You are not permitted to register for the same course more than twice. To register for a course a third time, you must obtain permission from the appropriate department head. Please note that transfer courses are included in the course attempt count.


Attend the first day of classes

Check your student schedule in my51 just before classes begin to confirm room numbers. Courses with any online component must login by the date specified on the Dates and deadlines page to be considered "in attendance".

You must attend/login to the first meeting of the class for the semester, or notify the instructor in advance if you are unable to attend. If you do not, the instructor may withdraw you from the class.

The instructor is entitled (but not obligated) to withdraw you if you miss the first class. If you are withdrawn for non-attendance at the first class, you will be charged 10% of the tuition fees as a penalty. Please note that it is your responsibility to withdraw yourself from a course if you decide not to take it, not the instructor’s. If you do not attend the class and do not withdraw yourself completely, you will remain responsible to pay full fees for it and will be given a fail (F) grade.